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Hi, my name is Darwin Cruz. I believe in ΙΧΘΥΣ | Follower of The Way | Minimalist | Teacher | Preacher | Christian Counselor

The past year has been rough. We had the pandemic and transitioned our daily lives completely doing things remotely at home. The year was so challenging that it allowed us to learn how to change the way we live with our lives and somewhat adapted to it. However, changes are not bad at all. These changes have given me liberty to explore things I don’t know and learn it from the ground up. Here are some things I have unlocked the past year:

1. Love People. Use Things.

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This is my favorite tagline from my favorite podcast The Minimalists. Seriously, their book has helped me…

Don’t spend time. Investing time has returns. This Christmas, give the gift of your presence.

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Attention Economy — a new word that I have been contemplating recently. It is the reason why social media and other apps are trying to compete just to get your attention. Yes, they are doing that and most of the time you don’t even know it. I started being a Digital Minimalist since 2019 after reading the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and it really affected my life greatly. …

Paper and pen are really fantastic tools. However, there are certain tools that can better do the job more efficiently than them.

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I have been using the Bullet Journal Method for the past five months and it has been very helpful for me in keeping my sanity in times of uncertainty. For most people who have known me personally, they would never think of me using a pen and paper since I am into technology and digital productivity systems. However, I found Bullet Journaling very helpful as I have mentioned in my previous post which allowed me to explore an…

Personal Dilemma: Why do I keep changing my Digital Tools?

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I have been experimenting with the Bullet Journal Method for about 3 weeks now. Still, I am not quite confident if this thing is for me. My digital workflow has really stuck on me since I was using them for several years already. I still keep my Things 3 and Apple Notes while I am in the experiment. The convenience of having these digital tools cannot outmatch the paper or analog system.

Wait a minute… Did I say Apple Notes? I was using Evernote last week. Notion was my tool for the last two weeks. Oh yeah, I suddenly remembered…

COVID-19 forced us to stay at home. As of this writing, it is already the second week of the quarantine period and it somewhat useful for us to contemplate about what we truly value. Immobilized by the global pandemic, we had been that forced to stay home. We are neither able to go out to work, nor enjoy our social lives due to this new norm of social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. This event forced us to stay at home for quite some time as we battle this invisible enemy. It’s not too bad at all…

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